Meet the artist

When I'm asked to describe myself in three words I choose compassionate, accommodating and a perfectionist. These traits not only shine through in my day to day actions, but they are also the core to the quality of service I provide to each of my clients. 
 I'm Maseera, owner of Makeup Maseera and make-up artist with over 8 years experience in the industry. I was born in Dubai and I started my makeup journey in Arizona. I always looked up to my mother and father growing up because I knew at a young age, they were the kind of entrepreneurs I always wanted to be. Especially my mom; she managed multiple businesses and was always making sure people come back because they loved her friendliness and drive. My passion truly blossomed when I began working for Sephora in 2015. After studying business, 10 years of customer service experience and love for makeup my business was born! Now, I'm living in California with my husband spending all my free time taking spontaneous trips, practicing hot yoga, and cooking new cuisines.  
Makeup has empowered women and men for 1000's of years and counting. Nothing excites me more than to contribute to others feeling empowered and beautiful just like the look on a brides face when she sees her make-up done by me. As a South Asian makeup artist that grew up in the states, I can identify with both American and Asian beauty standards. Working with diverse people of all colors and ages is one of my biggest advantages as an artist. Beauty trends are constantly evolving, and as a professional I am committed to continuing to educate myself and master new techniques as they appear.    
Being selected as your makeup artist is an absolute honor. From large weddings to small weddings and all types of social occasions, I am excited to be a part of your day. Weddings are particularly close to my heart because I know it is a day that a person dreams of their whole lives and looking picture perfect is of the utmost importance. I understand that wedding makeup is glamorous, accentuating and immaculate which is why I focus on the details while not forgetting the bigger picture. Most importantly, I am committed to making sure you love your makeup just as much as you will love it in ten years looking back at those special photos.